Gaia U programs are online, enabling you to learn and
unlearn from wherever you are, at your own pace.

Deep Dive Programs

The most in depth learning experiences we offer are the Deep Dive Degree Programs. They each utilize our Transformative Action Learning methodology and stem from the same core content and structure, while the depth and the way in which you will engage with the content changes for each program. The Deep Dive programs typically take between 1 to 4 years to complete.

Diploma Programs

Our internally accredited diploma programs offer you a light, flexible and low cost way to gather and practice skill-flexes. They provide the opportunity to explore and develop your competencies in the world of real projects while honing your entrepreneurial skills – all documented in an ePortfolio that demonstrates your capacities to potential clients and employers. Diplomas can also be used to support an application into a Gaia University Deep Dive Program.

Certificate Programs

The two certificate programs are a great way to test out the Gaia U learning environment. They create the foundation of all Gaia University programs. You can take them independently or as part of any of Gaia U’s Deep Dive and Diploma programs. When taken independently they can contribute to future Deep Dive or Diploma programs, giving you a head start in your learning pathway. We offer the certificate programs twice annually.

Free Courses

Regenerative Livelihoods by Design gives learners a juicy taste of Gaia U’s unique philosophy and approach to learning and unlearning. It is a relatively short course though there are many links for further investigation. You can start at any time and work at your own pace asynchronously.
Readings to Set the Scene introduces many aspects of Gaia U’s methodology in an engaging and information collection of writings. This is especially valuable for prospective students, however there is worthwhile information for anyone interested in the Gaia U approach.



We’re happy to answer any questions and to help you
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Program Rhythms

All Gaia U Degree and Diploma programs follow a flexible ‘learning and doing’ design refined over several decades. This blended approach combines rhythms, patterns and elements of online studies, hands-on action-learning and documented, self-directed project work. 20% theory and 80% practice is our mantra.

Program Comparison

Category Deep Dive Diplomas Certificates Free Courses
Program Bachelor’s (BSc) Master’s
Post-Grad Diploma (PGD)
International Diploma of Permaculture  Design (IDPD)
Diploma in Action for Resilience Certificate in Ecosocial Design Certificate in Autoethnography Regenerative Livelihoods by Design (RLD)
Duration 3-4 years* 2 years 1 year 2+ years 2 + years 4-6 months 2 months Self-paced
Weekly Engagement 8 – 12 Hours 8 – 12 Hours 8 – 12 Hours 6 – 10 Hours 6 – 10 Hours 8- 12 Hours 8- 12 Hours 4- 6 Hours
Full Program Fees $29 550 $19 700 $9 850 $9 265 $9 265 $540 $1425 Free
Personal Mentoring, Advising and Coaching Generous Allocations Included Generous Allocations Included Generous Allocations Included Included Included Not Included Included Not Included

All prices in USD

*optional 4th year at $4925

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Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring, Advising and Coaching sessions are important offerings from Gaia University and are generally included in the price of our programs. For non-students these sessions can be purchased hourly or in packages and many people find these to be of significant value.

Amount Students Non-Students
1 hour $65.00 $75.00
3 hours $180.00 $210.00
5 hours $275.00 $325.00
10 hours $500.00 $600.00


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