This Diploma program provides support, encouragement, and qualification credits to people engaging in constructive action towards the goals of personal, community, and global resilience. It commences with our comprehensive online orientation after which you move into a design process in which you thoroughly survey your intended community of action to establish who else is engaged in action for resilience.

These people will likely include local permaculture designers, Transition Town activists, Food Sovereignty advocates, and more. While you may be able to augment the efforts of these people, you may also need to start your own, fresh projects. If you are already engaged in a project, taking a Diploma program will significantly raise its strategic value and give you access to mentors who will support you to strengthen your project and time management skills, entrepreneurial acumen, organizational design, and more.

The learning design follows the generic pattern of all Diploma and Degree pathways at Gaia University, using a Transformative Action Learning methodology.

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Following the  content-rich, 6-month Certificate programs, you will start focusing on your self-chosen project work, making a series of structured project reports (output packets) that you will publish in your e-portfolio. Each report is reviewed by yourself, a peer, your main advisor, and your Permaculture mentor. This results in comprehensive feedback on your work as you progress along your pathway.

What you decide to focus on for your projects is entirely up to you. Student associates have designed projects on research topics, businesses, volunteer/professional work, land-based designs, personal development, and more. To see some example Outputs Packets click here (will open in new window).

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