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For some folks, affording higher education is not an issue. For others, huge barriers exist to earn a degree. We want to eliminate those barriers because Gaia University is committed to the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

This scholarship fund deepens our commitment to bring the Fair Share ethic – equitable distribution of resources – to folks (like you?) that need a boost to turn a dream into a reality.

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Partial & Full Scholarships Available

If you are awarded a partial scholarship, Gaia U will invite you to join hands with us on your first action-learning adventure to crowdfund the remainder of your tuition. We’ll connect you to resources that allow you to access your existing social capital (friends, family & colleagues) as an experiment in modern-day mutual aid.  Modest amounts from the many can be powerful & practical ways to help us actualize our dreams.

Right now, you can also direct family and friends to donate to the scholarship fund & the majority of their contribution will be earmarked just for you. You’ll have the support and encouragement of other scholarship recipients & the Gaia U team to share best practices and inside tips on effective methods of crowdfunding while you are in the process.

See here how much you can save at the different levels of scholarships available.

Is Gaia U Right for You?

Gaia U offers exciting opportunities to broaden and deepen your knowledge, learn and unlearn on a personal and professional level, create an ePortfolio of work to advance your career opportunities and get support to find or develop your world change projects.

Explore the Possibilities

If you are engaged in a project(s) that falls within the Permaculture Ethics, of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share chances are that our aims are compatible. Your application includes a one on one interview where we can further evaluate if our deep dive programs is compatible with your goals and lifestyle –now or in the future.

We offer a FREE online course called Regenerative Livelihoods by Design which will give you a feel for our approach & methods. You can take that now to help you evaluate if Gaia U is the place for you. It is a pre-requisite to being accepted for a scholarship.

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