Our internally accredited diploma programs offer you a light, flexible and low cost way to gather and practice skill-flexes. Meanwhile, they provide the opportunity to explore and develop your competencies in the world of real projects while honing your entrepreneurial skills–all documented in an ePortfolio that demonstrates your capacities to potential clients and employers.

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We currently offer two diploma programs:

As is true for all Gaia U programs, you will start your program with two online Certificate programs before transitioning to a mentored, self-directed and designed project phase.

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Stacking Diplomas and Transfer to Degree Programs

Diplomas, due to their relative lightness, can realistically be stacked together to make up a very broad portfolio. So, for example, the permaculture designer with a deep interest in social development can first hone their permaculture design skills through the International Diploma of Permaculture Design (IDPD) and then add a Diploma in Action for Resilience to extend their repertoire. There is no limit to the expansions that can be made through this plug-in approach.

Another feature of Diplomas is that associates who thrive in the Gaia U-mediated diploma context can use their diploma history to support their applications for degrees with Gaia U. This means, for example, that an associate can work through one or two diplomas and then apply for the final Capstone Phase of either a Bachelors or Masters degree program. As the Gaia U partner diplomas and Gaia U degrees all use the same structures and platforms (with different intensity) this diploma-to-degree route has associates arriving in their degree program already fluent in our unique Transformative Action Learning approach.

Thinking Globally

Gaia University is now able to offer the hundreds of wonderful, crucial, and edge-pushing informal educational providers out there the opportunity to use our structures and platforms to convert their current short-course offerings into Gaia U quality assured and mediated Diplomas. By this means the much-needed education re-evolution for adults can rapidly grow.

Combined with our flexible options for buying in mentoring and other support services just when you need them, we are opening up the learning and unlearning world for ecosocial adults in a re-evolutionary and super-agile way.

Register for Your Diploma