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Regenerative Livelihoods by Design (RLD)

Welcome to the Gaia U RLD course – we expect that we will know much more about you soon and that you’ll know much more about us too.

A pair of anchors

At Gaia U we love working with permaculture design and online documentation.

  1. For looking forward

We use permaculture design to help us understand where we are going and to make sure that our directions support the healing of the ecosocial systems across the world.

And, in this pre-action, design phase we use documentation to get our good thinking down for others to see and comment on.

  1. For looking back

After action we use documentation to make space for reflections around what went well and what was challenging. Then we publish the results of our project work to build the knowledge commons.

It’s a pattern

Gaia U makes frequent use of this looking back, looking forward pattern so each course, however short or extended, includes attention to both activities.