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Welcome to Part 1 of our

Certificate of Authoethnography and Learning Design

The Life and Career Review (LCR) is the first part of the two part Gaia U Certificate of Authoethnography and Learning Design (Cert. AeLD).

Part one, the LCR, is a reflective look to your past over a period of your choice and this is the part you are working on now.

Part two (which comes later) is a Learning Intentions and Pathway Design (LIPD) and this is about setting flexible intentions for the near future (usually for at least one year hence and maybe for as much as 7 years out).

Your Main Advisor as a progress ally

For the first time with Gaia U you will have access to a Main Advisor, 1. We will assign you an MA shortly.

You have an unlimited amount of time to work on both parts of the Cert. AeLD.  Each of these requires that you make an Output Packet (OP), do a self-review of this and then catch an OP Bus (these leave on the 1st of every month).

Please discuss your time line with your Main Advisor and use their coaching capacities to support your effective progress through the process. This way you can more readily manage this project for a timely outcome. Developing this capacity for purposeful progress is an ongoing challenge for many of us so please do take this opportunity to use an ally to help with this.

Output Packet buses and review procedures

OP Busses are a special feature of Gaia U where, firstly, your OP is reviewed by a colleague (and you review an OP for another associate). This activity invites you to develop your capacity for offering constructive feedback to a colleague and we call it  ‘Peer review.’

Secondly, your OP is reviewed by one of the several Gaia U professional reviewers. We call this ‘Pro-review’. Most often your pro-reviewer is also your Main Advisor.

Making full use of the OP bus process is a certain way to ramp up the quality of your thinking, enhance your ability to express this well and to thoroughly document the actions you take in the world.

Please notice the new options around lessons

The first two, (1. The storytelling explosion and a significant story &  2. The condensed version of how to do a Life and Career Review) are the bare bones essentials – if these are enough for you to get going on your Life and Career Review, go no further!

Lessons 3, 4 & 5 (Choosing stories, What an LCR contains and the size it is & Examples of successful (and fascinating) LCR’s) are optional extras and/or reference materials to come back to later.

Lessons, 6, 7 & 8 contain additional practical/help type information and Lesson 9 is our usual, end of Lesson Reflection space.

Use what you have already generated

During the previous Certificate of Ecosocial Design, you will have already written material and made XMind maps you can repurpose and expand when making your LCR. Don’t hesitate to use these again!

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