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In Part 2 (of 3 classes over 3 weeks) we will use a classic RC lesson shape: –

This means we’ll start with a go-around speaking to ‘something going well in your life and then jump right into a 3 way ‘mini’ to ‘take the top off’.  ‘Take the top off’ means paying some attention to anything that is likely to pull your attention away from the class. If you don’t have anything in that category you can work on any topic that is ‘up’ for you. “Up’ means that you’d like to think about and discharge on the topic.

Then we’ll check in around the ‘homework’ from the first class (doing the readings and at least one practice session with another class member) to see what questions might have arisen. Answering those questions comes next.

Depending on the how the Q & A time goes we may well take another ‘mini’ right after that to make sure our attention is good for a small theory section.

The theory this time goes right to the core perspective about humans that underpins RC and then looks at more detail of how to client (take time) and how to counsel fmor that perspective. Clienting and couseling will also be our topic for Part 3 (of 3).

We’ll follow this with another mini, take any questions arising and answer those.

Lastly we’ll close with a  round of appreciations for or highlights from the class.

A primary goal is to greatly expand our opportunities for close, creative connection between all peoples whilst also turning off the ‘cop in the head’ that clouds our self-image with noisy self-doubt and powerlessness.