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Welcome to Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 1!

We are glad to have you here and thrilled that you are ready to explore joining the ever growing band of dynamic and proactive people who understand that creating our own livelihoods, congruent with values and goals to do with ecological and social regeneration, is good for the planet, good for society and good for ourselves.

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This course is organized into Lessons, which you will see in the menu below. Each Lesson is broken up into Topics, where you will find the course content.

It is important that after reading each Topic, you click the ‘Mark as Complete’ button at the bottom of the page. This will record that Topic as complete and will take you to the next one.

The following graphic shows the basic structure of the course, which is designed around the AQAL model from Integral Theory. We will learn more about this model later, which consists of 4 quadrants, but for now you can note that this first course focuses on the top 2 quadrants: UL (upper left, or the individual interior) and UR (upper right, or the individual exterior).

Don’t worry too much about what all that means if this is the first time you’re coming across this model, we’ll provide you with more info later on. For now, just have a quick look at the structure so you know what to expect:


You can opt to join any (and all) of our famous particpatory webinars.  During these we’ll run through some aspects of the core content, add some new thinking, answer any questions you have and hear your reflections on the content.

Do try to come on at least one of these as they are a delight to be a part of and we and your colleagues would love to hear your voice and your thinking.  See our upcoming events (will open in new window) and register for the next one now!