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Begins: November 16th

Ends: December 7th

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Many people are unable to think and act in visionary terms because they are convinced that they neither have the intelligence to do so nor the permission. In this segment, we look at managed, flexible promises – commitments that flow with life’s changes, build trust in relationships, and pave the way for livelihood streams requiring transparent accountability. This element will enable you to:

  • Flex your commitments to best fit your life and goals by managing promises in your life
  • Develop a fluent managing action practice that will enhance your opportunities for ecosocial livelihood
  • Show up in networks with increasing integrity as a co-creative person who not only thinks well but is also adept at stress-free management of their commitments
  • Understand how indigenous cultures created highly strategic, purposeful and structured multi-generational solutions to problems arising in the emergent dynamics of the eco-systems of which they were an intimate part. 
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