Tuition Fee Price Guarantee

Your acceptance letter is valid through the next two cycle starts. You may choose any cycle during that time to begin your program. Tuition fees as outlined in this letter, however, are valid for the next program start only and are subject to change thereafter.

We will make every effort to maintain the price of your program as long as you move through your program at the baseline pace of 12 months per Program Phase.  If you choose to manage your program such that it increases the time it takes you to complete a Phase (by adding pauses or extension months), we reserve the right to assess fees at current rates when you move into your next Phase.

We keep our programs as affordable as possible but sometimes changes in fees are unavoidable. As we grow, we anticipate the possibility of lowering fees, particularly for economically challenged associates. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Most scholarships granted by Gaia U are granted as reductions in fees that would normally support the many functions required by Gaia U to offer a high level of transformative action un/learning programs.

All scholarships awarded are valid for the Program Phase in which they are granted.  We expect scholarship associates to inform us of any significant changes to their financial circumstances so that re-calculations may be made.  These could result in a higher or lower scholarship level.  After completion of a Program Phase we will request a re-evaluation of a person’s Scholarship level and based on the re-evaluation will endeavor to provide needed support so that Scholarship Associates have the opportunity to complete their programs.

We seek donations to our Scholarship Fund and ask that all members of the Gaia U community participate in this worthy endeavor to assure both the financial stability of Gaia U and the broad diversity that is our global community.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation by Gaia U

  • Gaia University reserves the right to cancel a program if the minimum number of participant enrollment is not met
  • Those who have registered for the canceled program will receive a 100% refund of all registration or tuition fees paid or can choose to apply those fees to another program
  • Gaia University is not responsible for fees incurred other than those paid to Gaia University during the registration process

Cancellation by the associate/participant – Program Registration

The following outlines our refund policy for associates enrolled in one of our degree, diploma or certificate programs:


  • Deposits are non-refundable

Additional Tuition Fees Paid:

  • Prior to start of first online module: 100% refund
  • After program start: We will refund based on a prorated system according to your payment plan less a 10% admin fee. Tuition fees are time-based (# of In Program months used), not service-based (i.e. # of Main Advising hours used). No refunds are available on monthly payment plans.
  • Deferment: An associate can defer their program for up to 3 years with an additional $100 deferment fee. If an associate defers their program longer than 3 years, then any remaining tuition fees will go into the scholarship fund to help students in need of financial aid. They will also be considered withdrawn and will need to reapply to be accepted back into where they left off in their program.