Post-Graduate Diploma Tuition Fees

Post-Graduate Diploma Tuition Fees 2017-04-07T03:25:16+00:00

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  • Upon acceptance and to reserve your spot in the cohort of your choice you pay a $500 non-refundable deposit
  • For the remaining tuition, different payment options are available to you
    • Standard payment plan: pay quarterly
    • You receive a discount for paying bi-annually
    • You can also choose an easy monthly payment plan (includes a administrative fee)
    • Payments are made taking into account a 12 month calendar year
  • Those accepted to our programs will receive an acceptance letter that outlines all payment options

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  • Candidates from countries with low access to financial capital are eligible for partial scholarships
    • For a list of which countries may qualify click here
    • If you feel you may qualify for a scholarship please discuss this during your admissions interview
  • For further tuition payment policies, click here


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Follow the link below to fill out your application and pay your application fee. You will have the option to save your progress and finish the application at a later date. Once your application has been reviewed you will be invited to an admissions interview. If accepted you will receive an official acceptance letter which will outline your payment options in detail.

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