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How ‘Worldview’ is significant to Design

by Andrew Langford Gaia U is rooted in permaculture design. Permaculture arose (in the 1970s) from various impulses, one of which is explained by Bill Mollison in the classic 1994 permaculture video “In Grave Danger [...]


by Gaia U Advisory Board member, Albert Bates Re-post from When we were young, our parents made a bargain with us. If you will not drink or smoke until you are 21, they said, [...]

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Reflections from the Northern California Permaculture Convergence

Warm sunny days and crisp nights set the scene for the 12th annual Permaculture and Building Resilient Communities Convergence from Oct 5-8 at the Solar Living In Hopland, CA, USA. Over 500 folks gathered, celebrated, [...]

Growing a Resilient & Regenerative Future in Kenya – A Permaculture Story

by Gaia U Diploma Candidate, Sheena Shah Any permaculture project is a story. It’s not just designing the landscapes, but it’s really about designing your own life and shaping communities to become resilient. I recently [...]

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