Livi_at_NAPC (edit)By joining our global community and enrolling in one of our Bachelor’s programs you will have taken a significant step toward clarifying and fulfilling your personal vision while creating a regenerative livelihood.

These degree programs are especially suited for young adults seeking transition away from the conventional learning approaches found in traditional education toward a liberating educational model. We encourage you to become a discerning, self-foraging, action-oriented learner and un-learner capable of self-direction.

The Integrative Ecosocial Design (IESD) pathway provides a broad professional foundation for your subsequent career and life-long learning choices. By enrolling in the IESD program you learn and practice conscious design skills to generate a deeper understanding of ecological systems, further developed through hands-on engagement in self-directed and designed projects. You learn and unlearn from wherever you are, at your own pace.

With this blend of theory and practice you acquire earth-based skills in areas such as soil building, gardening, food storage and processing as well as people skills in time and project management, facilitation, documentation, and digital literacy. You complete your bachelor’s degree with both hard and soft skills, ready to set up your own project or business, join another leading-edge project or continue with a Masters degree.  Your combination of practical competence; ability to complete the work you take on; capacity for emotional intelligence; and a reflective, purposeful attitude toward learning are key skills needed for taking leadership in the new economy.

Our Regenerative Enterprise pathway puts particular emphasis on supporting you in the creation of your own regenerative livelihood, earning your living doing what you love. There will be particular support for developing a business structure, fund-raising, seeking investment and making use of the many opportunities available for doing business using the 8 Forms of Capital, a theory developed by Gaia U graduates Ethan Roland Soloviev and Gregory Landua.

With our Open Topic pathway you are free to allow your areas of interest to emerge organically, proposing the topic of your degree in your last year based on the interests and experiences that have been most significant for you on your pathway.

Gaia U Bachelor’s programs are 3 years (per the UK based system upon which Gaia U BSc programs are modeled) with an optional extra year for those wishing to extend their program time.

Photo Aug 05, 15 56 17Following the content-rich, 6-month Online Certificate programs, you will start focusing on your self-chosen project work, making a series of semi-structured project reports that you will publish in your e-portfolio. Each report is reviewed by yourself, a peer and your main advisor. This results in comprehensive feedback on your work as you progress along your pathway.

What you decide to focus on for your projects is entirely up to you. Student associates have designed projects on research topics, businesses, volunteer/professional work, land-based designs, personal development, and more. To see some example Outputs Packets click here.


In light of the challenging times we are all facing, we have lowered our fees on all degree programs by 15% or more in order to accommodate the increased strain on financial resources. Each learning cycle of the Bachelor’s program is now $9850, down from $11 000 previously.

Gaia U believes in right livelihood and a sharing economy and makes significant efforts to support those with lower access to capital resources globally while maintaining our ethical policies which result in the rejection of government and corporate economic ties.

To that end we have incorporated a range of financial flexibility offers to help you to access world-class education from anywhere. These include:

  • A range of payment plans (biannually, quarterly or monthly)
  • A 5% discount when paying biannually
  • The ability to work while you study
  • No need to relocate or commute to study
  • The ability to take pauses in your program and request payment holidays should extenuating circumstances arise.

Please click here for an overview of the tuition fees for the Bachelor’s program.