Letter of Recommendation Instructions

Gaia University International is founded on a learning methodology called Transformative Action Learning and Research that emphasizes project-based rather than purely academic learning. Our students (we call them “associates”) spend a minimum of time in formal classroom settings.  They take relatively short online courses and engage in local courses and workshops. They devote the remainder of their time to carrying out and documenting the project work they are engaged in. They have a great deal of freedom in their choice of project work, as long as they function within the requirements of their programs and the structures that need to be maintained (i.e. regular contact with advisors and peers, regular documentation, building of skills that we see as important for future leaders in the world-change field, among others).

As a result we are particularly interested in associates who have demonstrated high levels of maturity and self-initiative, taking into account their age and program level.

The applicant has chosen you to provide a letter of recommendation as either a personal, professional/project-based or an academic/learning reference. We are grateful for your willingness to serve as his or her reference and kindly request that you address each of the questions below. You are welcome to transcribe them to your own letterhead if you wish.

If you have any questions about Gaia University please contact:

Liora Adler
Office of the President, Gaia University

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