The Certificate in Autoethnography and Learning Design includes 2 intensive learning experiences and access to a personal ePortfolio for documenting your journey. The modules are supported by readings, activities, live interactive webinars, one-on-one mentoring and advising.

Two Payments of $712.50
One payment of $1,425.00

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This course is included in all Degree Programs and will count towards further studies.
The Certificate in Ecosocial Design must be completed prior to enrolling.

Course Overview

1. Life and Career Review Module
4 Weeks
6-10 hours per week + two 90 minute interactive webinars
Goal:  To use your stories, backed up with evidence, to harvest and celebrate your history of learning and unlearning to date

This 2-element module requires you to produce an Output Packet (OP 1a). Formally, the Output Packet is your evidence of Prior Experiential Learning. We invite you to use an auto-ethnographic approach, to which we introduce you in the readings for the element. Your progress through this module will be greatly aided by reference to the forum posts you have made in earlier elements.

2. Learning Intentions and Pathway Design
4 Weeks
6-10 hours per week + two 90 minute interactive webinars
Goal:  To bring a sense of deep purpose and focused planning to your coming year, be it personally or for your Gaia U program.
You will use this 2-element module to generate an Output Packet (OP 1b) in which you:

  • Develop flexible designs for your intended projects for now, soon and later
  • Identify mentors who will provide project support beyond that offered by Gaia U
  • Show how your projects will help develop your skill flexes including those to do with generating a livelihood

Continuing students return repeatedly to their Learning Intentions and Pathway Design (LIPD) for inspiration and reflection.

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