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The Gaia University Post-Graduate Diplomas (PGD) have a similar pattern to our master’s degrees but have fewer documentation requirements. They are suited to people in three categories:

  1. Starting a Master’s degree:  You are working toward a master’s degree, but wish to complete after one year, possibly taking a break before entering the capstone master’s program year.
  2. You have deep life experience and no bachelor’s degree. You can apply for this pathway as an option to entering directly into a Master’s program.
  3.   You are continuing on from a bachelor’s program at another university and have insufficient hands-on or life experience to enter directly into a master’s program.
  4. Beginning a Doctoral pathway: You already have a master’s degree from another institution and are seeking to develop your action learning and research capacity. You might also use this degree time to develop the plan for your Doctoral pathway.
  5. Augmenting a Master’s Degree: You wish to augment an existing master’s degree by developing skills in a topic area not previously covered.

A series of PGD programs, initiated from time to time, is an excellent means of continuing advanced level learning over a lifetime, and for evidencing action learning in fresh topic areas as your life and interests develop.

Post-graduate diplomas enable associates to become familiar with the Gaia U action learning methodology and advisory system, get support for strategic level projects and make significant transitions in their careers. The post-graduate diploma (or Master’s degree with Gaia University) is a prerequisite for application to the doctoral program which will be offered by Gaia University in the future.

You have a choice of three pathways – Integrative Ecosocial Design (IESD), Regenerative Enterprise and Open Topic. All three pathways assist you in developing transferable and flexible skills much in demand by project leaders, non-profits, and other employers in the world change field. You will explore creating your own business, not for profit, benefit corp, B-Corp or other structures using the entrepreneurial skills you have developed. You will enhance your project design, time and management skills, develop your digital documentation skills, expand your leadership abilities, develop additional research capacities, hone your professional and organizational skills, make local and global connections and much more.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss your options. We are happy to offer you a free counseling session.

Andrew teaching nice HH gatherinFollowing the content-rich 6 month Certificate programs, you will be making a series of structured project reports (Output Packets) published in your e-portfolio. Each report is reviewed by a peer and your main advisor. This results in comprehensive feedback on your work as you progress along your pathway.

What you decide to focus on for your projects is entirely up to you. Student Associates have designed projects on research topics, businesses, volunteer/professional work, land-based designs, personal development, and more. To see some example Outputs Packets click here (will open in new window).

Please click here for an overview of your payment options for the Post-Graduate Diploma program.

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