Certificate in Ecosocial Design

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Gaia U’s Certificate in Ecosocial Design is a series of 7 engaging and interactive online courses. The first course, Creating Regenerative Livelihoods, can be started any time. The remaining 6 courses are offered twice a year and are 2 weeks long, requiring approximately 4- 8 hours per week time commitment.

These courses are:

  1. Creating Regenerative Livelihoods
  2. Managing Time, Managing Promises
  3. Learning & Unlearning
  4. Thinking About Worldviews
  5. Growing Resilient Communities
  6. Project & Design Thinking
  7. Tracking Your Learning Journey

To read more about these courses click here.

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The discounted price for the full certificate program is $540.

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  • Price: $540.00
    Includes enrollment in all 7 courses: 1) Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 2) Managing Time, Managing Promises 3) Learning & Unlearning 4) Thinking About Worldviews 5) Growing Resilient Communities 6) Project & Design Thinking 7) Tracking Your Learning Journey
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