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Tips on how to write a book


1. Make a “good novel” checklist



How is this list useful? The fact is, if something is on your reading list, you can probably excel at it as a writer as well. These language, color, and style choices resonate most with you for some reason. These are the things you understand.


You can pay for papers make such checklists for the things you have to write most often – articles, reviews, reports.


2. use “hooks” in your text

There are many ways to get started. Some are great for one book, but don’t work at all for another. You have to choose. Know how to choose.


For example, the “False Prologue” technique. It takes the climactic scene out of the middle/end of the book and puts it in the beginning, which is popular with directors because it allows them to start the movie with a tense, spectacular scene.


3. use the board with cards

A technique that screenwriter Blake Snyder uses is a cork board and cards. Hang a large cork board on the wall, take cards with episodes, blocks, excerpts of your future text (novel, article, report) and with the help of paper clips attach these cards to the board wherever you like. You don’t have to part with the cards at all. You slip  a history homework help pack of cards into your pocket, go to the nearest coffee shop, get the pack and sit for hours, shuffling your deck, laying out the episodes, thinking through the sequence, looking for good and bad moments.

It’s a good way to test the different twists, ideas, dialogue, and rhythm of the story, and to see how well they fit together. It’s a way to visualize the text with good structure. It’s a great thing to do!


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