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Nayan Doshi


Hello, my name is Nayan Doshi. I am living in India. I am a young and talented Photographer. I am very passionate about photography and creating memories. I love creating something beautiful. Do you ever wonder that when was the first selfie was clicked or when was camera or machine was launched and on which date happy world photography Day is celebrated? Now here is the answers. First of all 19th August is the day on which world photography day is celebrated. And in 1839 the process daguerreotype was launched by Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Frenchmen Louis Daguerre. And in the same year, American Robert Cornelius clicked or launched the process of selfies. These all things are connected to photography and that is why we celebrated photography day each year. You can get more additional information regarding the history of photography and world photography day by visiting the given link.