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Welcome to “”Omotenashi””(hospitality) of Eros from Japan! “”Omotenashi”” is the specific Japanese word meaning  Japan’s extraordinary kindness and the spirit of hospitality. The term “”Omotenashi”” was first used a few years ago during the invitation for the Olympics Games to Tokyo 2020, and after the successful bid to host the Olympics in Tokyo,  The Olympic Games ended last week (August 8, 2021), and athletes and reporters from all over the world gave us many words of gratitude and understanding to the Omotenashi. As a result, it became well known around the world. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy Omotenashi Eros and became our clients.

We want to offer you “”2 Omotenashi services””, first of two is an excellent variety of Eros works that have hospitable services made in Japan. You can enjoy selecting your favorite services among tremendous Eros, which would give you full satisfaction. Second, adult stuff such as aphrodisiacs, stimulants, and adult toys will be available for you. However,  this service will be offered in a few months. We are waiting for you to come and visit us for an unforgettable experience.