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Research thesis: Economic Consequences of COVID-19

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Today, the entire world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Its drastic impacts can be witnessed in many different forms and various levels. It is noteworthy to mention that the global economy is in great danger due to the existing situation for paper writing service. It is a major concern because countries are bound to massively restrict their economic activities as currently lockdown is referred to as the only solution to deal with the hazard of COVID-19. This research thesis focuses on critically analyzing the economic consequences of the current worldwide problem of COVID-19.




Financial markets of the entire world are greatly affected by the health crisis of the Coronavirus. According to an essay writing service a massive reduction in income, a calamity of major unemployment levels, and disturbance in the transportation, service, and production mechanism at a large scale. These concerns appear as the practical measures adopted by many countries to protect their citizens from the severity of this disease. In other words, economic disruption at various levels reflects a crisis response by nations to overcome this problem. This attempt eventually appears as a major drawback for the huge functioning of the global economy. Economic affluence is on the verge of collapse that requires some immediate protective international attempts to minimize the damage.


Decreasing the level of productivity, loss of human force, business closings, trade disruption, and destruction of the tourism sector are some of the major economic consequences of COVID-19. The declining economic situation makes it integral for global leaders to take some collective actions to meet the needs of financing as early as possible. The economic cost of this transmissible disease is massive and requires better planning of resource utilization for the future. Globalization, urbanization, and environmental change are some of the main aspects that cause economic damage in the world due to the current issue of the pandemic. The application of these perspectives makes it impossible for countries to function independently.


Another significant feature in this context is to identify the extensive burden of healthcare systems. All the affected countries have to invest a large number of financial resources in the health sector to ensure better response against COVID-19. This consideration also ultimately reflects a major burden on the economy.




In a nutshell, global financial markets are profoundly influenced by the effects of COVID-19. The dissertation writers of international financial and oil markets is an example of destructive economic concern of this pandemic. There is a need for global collection measures and investment in the process of vaccine development to eradicate this health issue. Further, the protection of economic prosperity at the global level is essential to find better ways to achieve better financial outcomes in the future.