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Best Way To Create A Book Report Outline


Do you need to write my essay an exceptional book report? Are you ready to ace your book report? That’s great!



This brief guide will help you in creating a perfect book report outline, leading to an exceptional report.


Creating a Book Report Outline:

Report writing always begins with a pre-writing phase. If you follow these typical steps you definitely end up having a worthy report in your hands in evaluation essay:

  1. Prewriting.
  2. Writing.
  3. Proofreading and editing.

The outline is the first step, which is pre-writing. This outline is followed in the second step. Create an outline having the following sections:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Book Summary.
  3. Characters.
  4. Plot.
  5. Conclusion, Analysis, and Recommendations.

In the phase of pre-writing, you make a detailed analysis in comparative essay of the book and write down ideas for each of the above-mentioned sections.

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  • Introductory Paragraph

The introduction is always regarding the book’s information. Such as the book’s name, author’s information, genre, publication data etc.

Also, this is the right time to hook the reader and grab their attention.


  • What the Book is all about?

Summarize the book in this section. Dedicate at least one paragraph to the book’s summary.

A summary is all about the overview of the story, time period, setting, and every main thing. Tell the reader, who is the writer and what is the main idea in opinion essay.

Remember! This is the only opportunity to inform the reader you have read the book.


  • Charter Details

If you are required to write a report on a fiction book, character details are very important as they add meaning to the whole idea of the story.

Identify the protagonist and the antagonist, or any major conflict which the characters are trying to solve.


  • Plot Details

In this section, every minute detail about the plot has to be discussed.

THE PRO TIP: Always follow the sequence of events as in the book.

Inform them about something interesting about the book in pay for essay, any unusual facts. Check out for the following, If it is a bestseller? Is the author very famous? What did you choose to read or review it?

Typically, events follow the sequence of conflict, climax, and resolution of conflict.  While discussing these, do not forget about any literary devices employed by the author.


  • Book Reports on Non-fiction

Not every book report is based on a fiction book. What to do now?

Simply devote an entire section after the book’s summary to the discussion of the book’s subject and the author’s ideas. Chapters heading is a good roadmap to follow in this case.

Examples of non-fiction book can be a factual text or a biography.


  • Wrap up the Discussion

This is the last paragraph of a book report. Here, you are allowed to share your own viewpoint or evaluation. What do you think about the main idea? What is the key strength or weakness of the book in narrative essays? What are the lessons learned? Did the book affect you in any way?

Answer all these questions taking a balanced approach, by giving examples from the book. An honest opinion is required of you.

Are you done? Congrats, your book report outline is ready. You are all set to convert it into a book report.

But Wait. ..! Have you proofread it? It is essential to revise before you consider it done.


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