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What are the benefits of a facial devices?

There are actually many different types of facial equipments. Each type has its own characteristics and effects, so if the functions of the device do not match your skin problems, you may not be satisfied with the results.

Each type of facial device has different effects, so it is important to choose a device that will give you the effect you are looking for. First of all, make sure you know the effects that your facial device can bring to you.

Ultrasonic facial equipment for cleansing and massage!

Some ultrasonic facial instruments are waterproof and can be used in the bath, while others can be used before makeup as a way to rehydrate the skin.

By using ultrasonic vibrations of over 20,000 times per second, a massaging effect on the skin surface can be expected. In addition, by vibrating the ultrasonic waves deep into the skin, a thermal effect is created. This can be expected to tighten the face.

There is also a cleansing function, where super vibration and steam are applied to the skin to bring up dead skin cells.

Ion-introduction facial appliances enhance the penetration of serums!

An ion-introduction facial device is a special facial device that uses ions to increase the penetration power.

Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other beauty ingredients contained in toners and serums cannot be easily delivered by hand. Also, vitamin C derivatives and placenta extracts are said to be difficult to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.

With an ion-introduction facial device, you can create a flow of electrons. This makes it easier to reach deep into the stratum corneum and allow the beauty ingredients to penetrate. Since the beauty ingredients are able to soak deep into the skin, you will end up with chunky skin.

Massage type facial equipment for a lifting effect!

Facial muscles tend to be stiff, so they need to be massaged appropriately, but it is difficult to massage them deeply by yourself. However, it is difficult to massage them deeply by yourself, and it may be costly to have a professional massage them frequently.

A massaging facial device is a facial device that works on muscles such as facial expressions. By applying vibration, stimulation, and pressure, it promotes blood flow and lymph flow.

The massaging effect of the vibration and external stimulation stimulates the skin cells, thereby relaxing and strengthening the facial muscles. This will result in a tighter, lifted face.

Steam facial equipment for peeling effect!

Have you ever experienced a peeling? It is common to use a scrub to scrape off dead skin cells, but depending on how you do it, there is a possibility that you may damage your skin.

This is where a steam facial appliance comes in handy.

A steam facial machine is a facial machine that warms your face by applying steam to it. They are often found in spas, and I have used one myself. By heating up the entire face with the above, it can bring up dirt. This helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin.

It can also replenish moisture to the skin, preventing it from drying out and making it moisturized.

It is recommended to use this product before using lotion or serum, as it will increase the moisture retention. Using it after bathing will increase the effect.