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Main areas of focus for my pathway/projects:

Project management is a method of managing resources for a project from beginning to end. Basically, project management covers planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources for any project. The project manager focuses on meeting the goals and objectives of the project. To achieve success, the manager plans, schedules, and completes works associated with the project. In order to understand the meaning of project management, it is essential to understand how the different stages of the project affect the overall result.


Generally, project management focuses on the business case for the project. Business cases or plans show the logical steps that should be followed in a certain sequence to reach the final outcome. Project managers must carefully plan all the stages of development so as to avoid unnecessary delays. The main challenge for project managers is to reach all the project objectives in the given time frame. The project manager can only attain this goal if he has properly organized the whole business process starting from the initiation to the final phases.


Once the business case for the project is complete, the project manager can start with planning the implementation. Usually, a well-organized plan is a key to project management. It is therefore necessary to assign the tasks to the appropriate team members according to their specific skills and responsibilities. Team members should also be given enough information so that they can perform their roles accordingly. They should be informed of all the details as well as the tasks to be performed so that they will not be confused during the execution.


Once the team members are assigned their tasks, they should be trained on the procedures, processes, and techniques that they will use during the execution to reach the desired objectives according to the budget. Most importantly, the team members must understand and accept the deliverables, quality standards, and cost limitations. Each of them should be able to see the difference between the two. This is very important for achieving the project management success.


In order to manage projects effectively, the manager must set deadlines. These deadlines must be established early during the project management process. Delays in the setting of deadlines may lead to missed deadlines and miscommunication. Likewise, the manager should be alert on the status of the various materials and tools that are required in the completion of the projects. He must be capable of acquiring these tools and materials as well as know how to use them.


In general, there are five phases involved in effectively managing projects. The first one is… read more about it! In the first phase, the project manager is responsible for creating an effective project plan… read more about it! Next, he must assemble all the resources that will be used in the execution of the project… read more about it! Finally, he must communicate the project plan… read more about it!


In managing projects, the deliverables should be planned, in line with the budget and resource availability. The deliverables are then checked to ensure that they comply with the business case. If they do, then the team starts on the next stage, which is, developing the project requirements document or the business case.


Each phase has its own importance and its own responsibilities. It is the duty of the project managers to adhere to the defined steps and to manage each of these phases effectively. They have to monitor the overall progress of the project and to adjust the efforts as required… read more about it!


Each project management method has its own strengths and shortcomings. Project managers can choose between using a mix of stages or using only one method. Project managers can use managers, developers or other team members for execution. The project management system should allow for this.


There are many benefits of using project management software… read more about it! It can be used by anyone new to the field… read more about it! It has many advanced features, which can be customized to suit the needs of everyone involved. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2021, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Linux and MAC operating systems. Furthermore, it can be used remotely via the Internet and email.


Managers and project managers are key contributors in managing projects. This is because they are charged with ensuring proper resource allocation. Without proper resource allocation, a project could go very slow and be extremely ineffective. Resource allocation is especially important during the implementation stage where all members are busy with their tasks assigned to them… read more about it! All in all, the ability of having a project manager to handle projects remotely will definitely benefit both managers AND team members.