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Date: February 27th – Time: 11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM UTC
Host: Alberto Ruz
Topic: Why “Rights of Nature” is an Essential Issue Today: Towards a Biocentric Jurisprudence of the Earth

Natural Law established the right relationship between humans and non-human beings and Mother Earth for millennia.

Slavery, colonialism, religion, governments, global market economy and Roman law created an anthropocentric based global culture that has justified the domination of a small part of humankind over most of humanity and over Nature.

Since the 1960’s, response and resistance to that paradigm have continuously been growing. We are part of that radical change.

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Host Bio:

Alberto Ruz has for the last forty years been dedicated to studying, creating, promoting and serving as an international networker.  He is a pioneer, veteran actionist and historian of the intentional communities, ecovillage and bioregionalist movements. His accomplishments include: Co-founder of Huehuecóyotl Ecovillage in Mexico (1982); Co-founder and coordinator of the “Caravana Arcoíris por la Paz.” (1996-2009); Advisor to the Global Ecovillage Network since 2003; Ashoka fellow (2002-2005); Partner with the Brazilian Ministry of Culture´s program “Cultura Viva” (2006-2007); Head of the Department of Environmental Culture’s “Eco-Neighbourhood program (Coyoacan, Mexico: 2010-2012); Director of the Environmental Culture Department for the State of Morelos (2013); Recipient of the “Kozeny Communitarian Award” (Federation of Intentional Communities, 2015); and Coordinator of the First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Nature-Mexico June 1-5th 2016.

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