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Time: 10-11:30 AM PT

Host: Liora Adler

Join us as our team shares stories, provides answers to your questions and shows you how you can become involved in our Global community of action learning world-changers! This call will be participatory and fun!

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Host bio:

(Alejandra) Liora Adler is a visionary social activist, educator, facilitator, mentor, event organizer, psychologist, holistic nutritionist and dancer. Raised during the 60’s social movements in the US, she came to understand that protest alone was inadequate for making substantive societal changes. Consequently, throughout the 70’s and 80’s she explored supportive, purposeful community building that provided both for physical needs and the basic human need for belonging.

In 1982 Liora co-founded a thriving ecovillage, Huehuecoyotl, in central Mexico, and in 1996, a mobile ecovillage and training center that for 13 years, shared knowledge of ecological systems and regenerative living while activating ecosocial movements throughout Latin America.

Liora has been a global leader in the ecovillage movement, where she served on the Board of Directors of the Global Ecovillage Network and as a representative to the United Nations. She has spent most of her adult life in Mexico and other parts of Latin America where she also helped form a Women’s sewing cooperative and a men’s campesino collaborative. She is a fluent Spanish speaker and has significant cultural and socioeconomic sensitivities. She has organized courses, workshops, events and artistic activities for 100s of people, including farmers, indigenous peoples, and permaculture practitioners on 5 continents.

As co-founder and co-president of Gaia University, Liora has been intimately involved with its design and development. She also oversees operations, and mentors students and staff. Her feisty, outgoing nature, her capacity to negotiate for practical action in challenging situations and her resonance with people living both very simple and highly complex lives are key to the success of the project.

With her husband, Andrew Langford, she now lives in the Capay Valley of CA, USA where they have co-founded Cambia: Drawdown by Design, an innovative ecosocial enterprise based on over two years of research under a grant from the Lush cosmetics company. Cambia has designed a holistic, permaculture-based system to grow almonds using 50% less water, increasing carbon drawdown from the atmosphere by 5 times and yielding a 40% increase in farm income. With 500 new trees in the nursery they await the first orchard configuration and planting in the Spring of 2018.

With so much on her plate, these days Liora dances to the tune of “older and bolder”!

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