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Join us for a free Gaia Radio Webinar on Thursday, March 15th at 9am US PDT – 16:00 UTC (click to view local time in your area) with Kosha Joubert – Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia U MSc graduate


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
Martin Luther King

Trauma lingers in our body systems from all those moments when something happens that is too painful or fearful for us to integrate. Animals seem to have an easier time shaking off the energy of shock and stress – we see ducks naturally shaking themselves to let go of accumulated adrenaline after fierce encounters. Unfortunately perhaps, we humans are more able to hide and internalise stress, and we end up carrying within our bodies not only the trauma from experiences in our individual lives, but also the historic trauma from generations that went before.

The cruelty and terror that accompany wars, colonialism, slavery, rape – all of these have left deep scars within the tissue of humanity which are passed on from generation to generation. When we meet in our communities and global networks, and when we start to develop trust, honesty and intimacy with one another, these scar tissues find enough safety to show up. We may experience this as a move from unconscious numbness to acute discomfort. By nature, it is painful and frightening. Our patterns of self-defense are likely to be triggered. The feelings hidden within the wounds we carry were overwhelming at the time, and they might still feel overwhelming when we touch them again now. Yet, they come up for healing.

Trauma is frozen life force – in order to melt back into the river of life it needs the compassionate witnessing presence of the other. We can learn to recognise trauma in ourselves and others. We can learn to self-regulate trauma so that it does not become overwhelming. We can learn to hold space consciously for each other so that healing and forgiveness can take place. Ubuntu – I am because you are.


*Call into the webinar early because it’s first come first served for a maximum of 50 participants.


Kosha Joubert, MSc, Gaia University, serves as Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network. She has many years of experience as an international facilitator, trainer, and consultant and has worked extensively in the fields of community empowerment, intercultural collaboration and sustainable development. Kosha grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and has been dedicated to building bridges across divides ever since. She has lived in ecovillages for the past 25 years. Kosha is also a co-founder of Gaia Education, which develops trainings at the cutting-edge of sustainability, and co-author of the internationally applied curriculum of the Ecovillage Design Education. You can see her TEDx Talk on Ecovillages here: www.tinyurl.com/tedtalkkosha

In 2016, Kosha received the Dadi Janki Award – 100 Women of Spirit – For engaging spirituality in life and work and for making a difference in the world.

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