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May 9th – Spiritual Activism – Beyond Resistance: Strategies in the Age of Neofascism
1:00 PM PT/ 4:00 PM ET/ 9:00 PM UTC
Host: Cat Zavis

Since the November election in the USA, Cat has trained hundreds of people on spiritual activism in an effort to help people understand the underlying psycho-spiritual crisis in our society that has given rise to our current situation by highlighting ways to transform our society into one of love and justice. In this webinar, Cat will share strategies to address the current political, social, economic and spiritual crisis in our society.

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Host Bio:

Cat J. Zavis is the Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP), one of the co-leaders of Beyt Tikkun, in Berkeley, CA under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Lerner, and a mediator and sought after trainer in conflict resolution and empathic communication. Also, she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies and Rabbinic ordination through Aleph – the Jewish Renewal Ordination Program. In her work, Cat integrates spiritual values and principles as an activist and helps people understand why being visionary is called for at this time. She is committed to demonstrating how integrating spiritual values can bridge political divides and address systemic problems as well as deepen our connection with the spiritual energy of the universe.

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