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9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM UTC
Presenter: Yam Aisner

Join Yam for his EoP where he will share learnings from a journey that started with ​an ambitious vision – creating a free regenerative online hub, and the path he took to try and make the first steps towards it.

Regenerative TV is the first step towards a larger vision ​which is the “Regeneration Hub”​,​ a virtual open source platform that offers free regenerative knowledge and a communication source to cultivate regenerative action. Providing opportunities for sharing and trading that we haven’t even assumed. Connecting global regenerative communities, projects, information, resources and services. This will enable more people to shed the current systems that rule trade, food, knowledge and inhibit action. It will enable us to be self-sufficient through strengthening networks both locally and intercontinentally.

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Host bio:

Yam was born and raised in an Israeli kibbutz, a small agricultural shared community, until he was seven years old, at which time his family moved to the city. The contrast between these very different lifestyles gave Yam an interest in social and economic systems and how they shape experiences. While traveling through the Americas in 2006 Yam observed the environmental, economic and cultural disturbances caused by current systems design. He was inspired to tell the stories of the cultures and people he encountered and to learn how to help them in an age of exploitation. Pursuing his passion for the arts and the desire to tell a story, in 2008 he returned to Mexico with a video camera to document the “Wixaritari” people, an indigenous tribe that holds ancient wisdom of how to live in harmony with nature, a harmony that is now being shaken by modern development.

Upon returning to Israel in 2009, he participated in his first Permaculture Design Course. Yam immediately continued into an Advanced Permaculture Design Course and later attended a three-month Permaculture apprenticeship to learn and practice “minimum footprint” sustainable living. There he gained experience in ecological wood and earth construction, implementation of greywater systems, organic farming, composting, communal living, healthy nutrition, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy and practical system design inspired by the Permaculture principles. At the end of that year, Yam was accepted to Tel Hai College and began studying film, specializing in cinematography and movie editing. In 2012 he graduated from the film department with honors. While studying Yam worked in the news industry as a cinematographer, and upon graduating, he worked as an editor in the television industry until 2014.

At this time Yam started an internship at The Sustainability Laboratory, combining his passion to film and permaculture design in a sustainable development project of community and ecological restoration in Israel. The project developed and implemented a groundbreaking sustainable resource and economic program with a Bedouin community. This same year he was accepted to The Global Sustainability Fellows, a unique program created by The Sustainability Labs to train leaders in Sustainable Development, which took place in Costa Rica. During that project, the GSF team designed a sustainable development plan with a refugee community in Northern Costa Rica.

After the program, Yam was inspired by the people of Costa Rican and their love for nature and regenerative lifestyle and decided to stay and deepen his Permaculture skills. He began working as a farm manager and documenting Punta Mona, a permaculture educational institute and off-grid farm. During his year here, he developed a Permaculture Apprenticeship Program. In this program Yam taught Permaculture Design with cultural immersion, focused on bottom-up sustainable development, to a group of international students for a month long cycle, changing student groups after each month. This program is successful and currently in operation.
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In 2015 Yam was invited by The Sustainability Laboratory to another iteration of development with the refugee community in Northern Costa Rica. During that time they finalized a valuable sustainable development strategy document for and with the refugee community, which they delivered to the Costa Rican Government to formally start the process of development with the local authorities and NGOs. He also began his Master’s program in Integrative Ecosocial Design through Gaia University that year. The following year, Yam met his partner Ria, and they began developing Regenerative TV and working for Rise; a large wellness community project in Southern Costa Rica where Yam and Ria make creative multimedia content to help share the project’s developing story.

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