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June 15th – Reflections on my Pathway
9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM UTC
Presenter: Derek Angevine

Come one come all, join me for my end of year presentation. After two years with Gaia U, I have studied my personal depths into permaculture, transitions from world travel to setting roots, making homes more eco-friendly, and more recently setting up my own small business and establishing myself into my local community. Now I sum it all up to see what I gained and lost, what was it all for and what’s next.

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Host bio:

Derek Angevine has always been passionate about education. He finds purpose in helping those who are missing opportunities to realize what is out there, trying new things, being adventurous and having fun. As a teacher for 13+ years now, working and living abroad, Derek has traveled all over the globe. Through his travels, he has become involved in different communities, met people with different cultural backgrounds, and made long-term connections.


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