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Date: Wednesday, January 25th – Time: 9:00 AM US PST/ 12:00 PM US EST/ 5:00 PM UTC
Host: Herman Koh
Topic: Law Versus Justice: The Fine Line In-Between

Description: In our contentious times during which human rights are under attack, the question about policy or action is rarely ‘was it right or wrong’ but rather ‘was it legal’. And, what if it was right but it wasn’t legal? What we think about this tension between law and justice is affected by our core values. We’ll consider how different our judicial systems would be if this tension did not exist and what that would mean to us.

Using Cameroon as a case study, we will discuss how the recent uprising of Anglo-saxon Cameroonians in their quest for justice and equity has affected the political climate of the country. We’ll also look to the USA to see how racism affects the gap between law and justice there and ask how this plays out in Cameroon.

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Host bio:

Koh Herman is a graduate of the University of Buea and a holder of a B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology with a masters degree in Sociology from the University of Yaounde 1 Ngoa-Ekelle. He fully joined Better World Cameroon in 2012.  He has  come to understand and embrace the vision that Better World founder and coordinator Kohkankoh Joshua brought forth as a result of his huge experience  concerning the social and developmental issues that Cameroon is coping with, and wishes in his own little way to contribute to this rapidly growing and far reaching vision.

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