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Tuesday, September 18th at 10am US PDT (17:00 UTC) with John Croft and Lizandra Barbuto. 

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Dragon Dreaming is a living systems approach that teaches us how to create collaborative projects in different contexts; as a Philosophy sustaining the creation a new Win-Win-Win paradigm for living; as a Model of doing a project which helps people know, understand, and use what the model represents. Dragon Dreaming is also a Method which offers different tools to create collaborative and sustainable projects. From an understanding of these perspectives, it allows us to Integrate and dialogue between the Individual and the Collective, Theory and Practice. In this Gaia Radio program, we will introduce these bases of Dragon Dreaming knowledge to a wider audience.

JOHN CROFT is an international trainer and consultant, who for 40 years has worked in the field of ecologically sustainable community education and community economic development, He has worked around the world, running projects, speaking at conferences, running workshops and training programs in Universities and community organisations.  He is co-founder of the Gaia Foundation of Australia and co-developer of the internationally recognised Dragon Dreaming project design system for consensual participatory strategic planning for community-based projects and organisations used in more than 54 countries around the world in many different projects, settings, and contexts.


LIZANDRA BARBUTO is an international trainer and therapist,  specialising in Neuroscience, Human Development and Integral Sustainability, and in Integrative Psychotherapy. She is a trainer and creator of new perspectives in Dragon Dreaming, is trained in family constellation and spontaneous movement.  She has studied and practiced with the wisdom of the Eneagram since 1998, receiving this knowledge from the Sufi Tradition, from Claudio Naranjo and the Gurdjieff School. She is a researcher of collective wisdom, currently doing a Master´s degree through Gaia University.  She has been active in Africa, South America, Australia, in China, in Europe and in Russia.


John and Lizandra have worked together in different sustainable community and environmental projects and in personal development for 7 years.  Together they are developing new perspectives of Dragon Dreaming; in Education, Learning, Overcoming Blockages, Organisation and Business Development, Authentic Celebration and Effective Communication.

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