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From 9:00am US Pacific Daylight Time (16:00 UTC) until 10:30am PDT (17:30 UTC)

This webinar marks the beginning of your program with Gaia University. Read more below about how to connect to the call.

We currently host our webinars on a service called Maestro Conference. The information below provides general information, logistics for calling in, and troubleshooting.

Call-in Information and Instructions

Call Times:  You can find a calendar of all scheduled orientation webinar calls on the course homepage once it is up on Monday. Your first call is this Tuesday, April 18th at 9:00 am PDT (16:00 UTC). Review the webinar call schedule carefully once it is available.

Call Duration: All orientation webinars are 1.5 hours long.  Please block that time out in your calendars with an extra 15 minutes before and after the call for any necessary prep and wrap-up time.

You will join the webinar calls using a US phone number (if you are calling from outside the US, see information below) and a PIN that is specifically assigned to you. You will receive two automatic email notifications with a call-in number and your personal PIN – 24 hours and 2 hours before the call begins. If you do not receive these reminders, please let me know at least 20 minutes before the call begins.

If you are calling in from inside the US:

You can call into the webinar using a landline phone, a mobile phone, or a VOIP/internet-based system such as Skype to Go, or Skype Credit. If you are using a system like Skype credit, make sure you have purchased credit ahead of time, so you are ready when the call starts.

For anyone calling both inside and outside of the US:

OPTION 1: There will be a link in the call reminder under the US phone number that says you can “use your computer” to call in. Click there, and it will direct you to a web page where you will connect.

OPTION 2: You can add mcdirect1 as a contact in Skype contact then open the dial pad in Skype. When the woman asks you to enter your PIN, put in the number you received in your email notification.

If none of these options work, please add me to skype avamklinger and I will assist you as best as I can.


Please be aware of the following common issues we have experienced during calls and steps you can take if you encounter any of them:

1.    Please send a Skype contact request to avamklinger prior to the call with your actual name and Cycle number (1704), so I can differentiate it from spam requests. This way, if you are having any tech issues during the call, you can send me a Skype note directly
2.    Please enter your PIN number slowly. If you enter it too quickly, the system might not register it, and you will not be able to enter the call
3.    If you are calling in via Skype Direct, please make sure that you have enough Skype credit to make the call
4.    If you are using Skype, please test your audio with someone beforehand to assure we can hear you clearly
5.    If your number and PIN are not working after you have tried to call in at least 3 times, get in touch with me.
6.    Call in early! Please plan on arriving to the call 10 minutes before the call begins to make sure you do not have any technical issues. This will allow us to start on time. Please note that you will hear music until the call officially starts.

1.    Determine how you are going to call into the webinar and prepare for it ahead of time. If you are using Skype make sure you have enough credit
2.    Send a Skype contact request to Ava Klinger with your real name and referencing Cycle 1704 (if you are not yet connected that way). The Skype ID is avamklinger.  You will use the Skype texting function to communicate any technical issues before and during the call
3.    Test your Skype audio with someone at least 2 hours before the call if you are using Skype
4.    Check your internet connection speed and make sure you are able to be on your computer and get online during the call if at all possible
5.    Have your call-in number and PIN readily available
6.    Block out time on Tuesday, April 18th from 8:45am until 10:45 am PDT (15:45 – 17:45 UTC) to assure sufficient time for pre-call troubleshooting and, if necessary, post-call questions
7.    Enter all orientation call times into your personal calendar to block out that time now

We look forward to hearing all of your voices on the welcome call. Please feel free to email us with questions at any time.

Ava Klinger: ava@gaiauniversity.org | Skype: avamklinger

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