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Begins: November 2nd

Ends: November 16th

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Creating our own livelihoods, congruent with ecological and social regeneration, is good for the planet, good for society and good for ourselves. This course explores how we can generate our own living through creating and developing regenerative enterprises.

  • Stories and case studies from prior explorers in the regenerative enterprise field and what lessons we can glean from these?
  • Models and frameworks that describe attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors typical of people who do well at creating enterprises. How do we stack up compared to these?
  • How do we develop a community of support in the context of a world system that may or may not be helpful in our quest? Topics include new mutualism, income solidarity and raising capital.
  • Active use of lean project/enterprise thinking coupled with an understanding of how to build lasting competence and attention through a project/enterprise progression.
  • Extending our concept of investment and generating value beyond cash alone to include eight forms of capital.
  • Outlining an individual and collective design for a realistic pathway towards making a regenerative living.
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