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cutting fireboard1 Element/2 Weeks starting November 17, 2016


4-6 hours per week asynchronous time + two 90 minute interactive webinars

Goal:  To develop the practice of managed, flexible promises, an approach to commitment that flows with life’s changes, builds trust in relationships and paves the way for livelihood streams requiring transparent accountability. This element will enable you to:

  • Flex your commitments to best fit your life and goals by managing promises in your life as well as (for those doing full programs) regarding the timing of Output Packets in your Gaia U program and the design of projects during the upcoming autonomous projects phase
  • Develop a fluent managing action practice that will enhance your opportunities for ecosocial livelihood
  • Show up in networks with increasing integrity as a co-creative person who not only thinks well but is also adept at stress-free management of their commitments

Enroll in Managing Time, Managing Promises.

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