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Friday, June 8th at 9am US PDT (16:00 UTC) with Gaia U Associate and Advisor Jennifer English Morgan.

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Our physical world is balancing on precarious tipping points. We can — as individuals and as a collective force — alter our evolutionary momentum to create transformative change. By journeying into the heart of darkness and learning to embrace the shadows and wildness within our collective human psyche, we can learn to break free of social conditions that bind us to oppressive operating systems. Through radical acceptance and by becoming the witness, we can access our innate powers to heal, love and engage with authenticity and agency. We are designers of life. It’s in our nature as humans. We can become conscious of our capacity to co-create with the universal forces of form and flow, evolution and emptiness. Through practice, we can learn how to wake up, grow up, clean up and show up.

Join Jennifer English Morgan’s End of Phase Presentation for her MSc degree in Integral Social Systems Design. Jennifer will guide you through her action learning pathway sharing insights from her life and project engagement. She will reflect on archetypal mythology, Emergent Design, shadow work, Integral Theory, and consciousness studies. Jennifer will integrate life lessons, research in human development, and her active experiments in the field. She will weave together storytelling, myth, and metaphor with concrete examples, models, and best practices. The presentation includes a brief window into Jennifer’s projects, Output Packets, ten published articles, and pathway management. She aims to inspire, integrate and add value to others by including connections, tools, and resources. The presentation will conclude with participant engagement, a summary of Jennifer’s key insights and a look at her path forward.

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Jennifer English Morgan serves as a healer, facilitator, designer, project manager, and life coach. Jennifer holds multiple certificates in Yoga and Permaculture, a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Eco-Social Design, an MSc. and N.D. in Natural Health. She is a candidate for a second MSc. in Integral Social Systems Design. She has a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Studies, a Diploma in Wildlife Management, and has 21 years’ experience leading projects and nonprofits in the alternative health, community, and ecological sectors. In 2004, Jennifer joined the development team of Gaia University. Over the last thirteen years, she’s served numerous roles, including Regional Coordinator of Gaia Southeast, Transformative Action Learning Event Organizer, Facilitator, and Instructor, Director of Advisory and Mentor Services, and Project Manager of the International Diploma of Permaculture Design. Through Gaia University, Jennifer also helped facilitate the 2015 and 2017 International Permaculture Convergences. She has also mentored and graduated over a hundred Associates.

In Tennessee, Jennifer spearheaded dozens of projects including the 26th Transition Town in the USA, the Green Living Journal of Middle Tennessee, the Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee, the Continental Bioregional Congress and the Financial Permaculture Institute. Jennifer helped build Solar Springs Sanctuary, a naturally constructed off-grid lodge and Permaculture Farm, where she lived off the land for over a decade. She now resides in the city of Nashville and manages the farm, working towards turning it into an Ecovillage. Jennifer is an avid traveler, writer, gardener, vegetarian cook, dancer, artist, networker, spiral wizard, yogini, Ayurvedic enthusiast, geometry geek, data collector, a goddess in training, and general super sweet, motorcycle riding, tools, and weapons wielding badass co-evolutionary cultural change agent.
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