The Gaia U Initiate Award, which can be displayed on your Gaia U profile as well as on social media profiles like LinkedIn, is earned by completing the free introductory course Regenerative Livelihoods by Design at Gaia University. This is a relatively short course, though it includes many links for those who want to investigate more deeply. It consists of 3 modules, each with readings and activities:

Module 1 – A New Economy, A New Narrative

  • Navigating our way in the context of failing systems
  • Exploring the transition to a regenerative economy
  • Tying the larger transition to personal transitions
  • Learning to see the Patrix and unlearning oppressive patterns

Module 2 – Creating Resilient Communities and Livelihoods

  • Appreciating the role of community and finding support
  • Learning to learn within communities of practice
  • Becoming aware of the ‘brain drain’ pattern and working towards relocalization
  • Supporting one another in the pursuit of regenerative livelihood

Module 3 – Designing & Documenting Your Action Learning Pathway

  • Growing into a skilled action learner
  • Cultivating a balanced learning practice with Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning
  • Designing and articulating your path forward
  • Documenting your work and building e-portfolios

After reading the material and completing the activities, the learner completes a follow-up 1-on-1 coaching session with a qualified Gaia U community member to reflect on the experience and talk through their plans for the future.



  • Complete all readings
  • Post responses to all activity questions
  • Submit final activity for review
  • Conduct follow-up coaching session


How to earn this award:

  1. Sign up for the free intro course Regenerative Livelihoods by Design.
  2. Complete all readings and activities.
  3. Use the Calendly link at the end of the Final Activity page to book a coaching session.
  4. Once the mentoring session is done your badge will be on the way.