As the conventional economy crashes on, destroying life on earth, it is critical for all of us to develop a high capacity for taking care of ourselves and our ecological systems.

This means making an ecosocial living!

For this reason, Gaia U has created Bachelor and Masters pathways in Regenerative Enterprise Design and Development (REDD). You—actively exploring how to create your regenerative and lovely livelihood (lovelihood), in the context of an emerging new economy, using agile enterprise tools and permaculture design—are the focus.

To help you emerge such a living, we connect you to co-learners, some novice and some already well on the path. Together you give mutual support for meaningful learning and unlearning. The Gaia U team provides innovative and inspirational content relevant to the common issues for entrepreneurs along with experienced coaching and mentoring to help you sustain the generation and application of good design thinking required by this key task.

Bring an energetic willingness, be ready to link together, as we go about co-creating a growing new ecosocial economy large enough for all. We know already what some of this ethical economy looks like and some of it is already in place. It is our collective job to build it out in myriad as yet to be developed ways to make our own right livelihood and then mentor others to do the same.

There will be particular support for developing a business structure, fund-raising, seeking investment and making use of the many opportunities available for doing business using the 8 Forms of Capital, a model developed by Gaia U graduates Ethan Roland Soloviev and Gregory Landua.

Gaia University will function as a sustained project incubator for you during your program. We’ll support you to enhance your project design abilities, hone your time and management skills,  expand your leadership abilities, become a thorough researcher, add professional and organizational skills, make local and global connections, develop your digital documentation skills, and much more.

To get started on your pathway toward building a Regenerative Enterprise, begin your application today for our April 18th start date. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an admissions session, email

We invite you to come on the program with us, get the support you deserve and help the “Love-lihood Project” flourish. Be prepared to earn your living doing what you love and what you know the planet needs! That’s a big job, and your contributions can make an important difference.