A message from Jonny Waywell about how you can support The Free Glades Project:


I am the co-founder of The Free Glades Project. I currently run the project from Oxfordshire where I live and work as a gardener.

I am an avid outdoorsman focusing on new ways to use traditional bush craft skills. Through years spent developing art organisations for social enterprise and working for a variety of charities, I developed the desire to merge social and self-development with my love for the outdoors.

After a lot of self-directed learning, and more employment with farming and the outdoors, my wife Lu and I decided to begin The Free Glades Project, a service for sustainable resilience and self-development based on the gift economy. In spring 2018 we will move permanently to the site in Bulgaria to run the project full-time. I am proud to be studying at Gaia University for a diploma in action for resilience.

Grow Towards Freedom!

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