Zones of Engagement

Zones of Engagement 2017-03-28T21:08:47+00:00

There are many ways to engage with the Gaia U community. These experiences are designed to

1) support you in the way you need, meeting you where you are

2) scale the support, allowing you to evolve in your practice and in your role within the global/local community of people dedicated to significant action for postiive change

Please follow the links provided below for more information and next steps.

Zone 1: Receive 1-on-1 support from a trained Gaia U Mentor/Advisor. Whether it’s technical support for a project, personal support through a period of transition, or somewhere in between, get the guidance you need to keep advancing along your pathway. Contact us for more information.

Zone 2: Enroll in one of our Online Courses, or take them in a series to receive our Certificate in Creating Regenerative Livelihoods.

Zone 3: Enroll in one of our self-paced Diploma programs. Choose from the International Diploma of Permaculture Design or Action for Resilience. Register now.

Zone 4: Apply for an externally accredited Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Post-Graduate Diploma. Choose between a focus in Integrative Ecosocial Design or design your own pathway (MSc and PGD only). Apply now.

Zone 5: Apply to become a certified Gaia U Mentor/Advisor and support others with your experience. Contact us for more information.