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PDC manzano feb2014-70The overall cost of any Gaia U program depends on two factors:

  1. The country you are coming from. Countries are categorized into 3 tiers: E1, E2, and E3.
    1. Economy 1 (E1) for those coming from countries with relatively high access to funding (USA, most countries of Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and others).
    2. Economy 2 (E2) for those coming from countries with medium access to funding (most countries in Latin America, some countries in Eastern Europe and Asia).
    3. Economy 3 (E3) for those coming from countries with low access to funding (many countries in Africa and Asia).
    4. For a full list of countries, click here.
  2. The payment plan that you choose. Discounts are given for payment plans that result in less frequent payments (and thus less administrative/processing costs).

* Totals include a $500 non-refundable deposit paid at time of enrollment.

* Pay-as-you-go is priced per individual element and allows you to progress through the program at your own pace.

PDC manzano feb2014-96Tuition Fee Price Guarantee

We guarantee that the price of your program will not increase as long as you move through your program at the baseline pace of 12 months per phase (24 months for BSc1 associates). If you choose to manage your program such that it increases the time it takes you to complete a phase (by adding pause or extension months), we reserve the right to assess fees at current rates when you move into your Capstone Phase.

We keep our programs as affordable as possible but sometimes changes in fees are unavoidable. As we grow, we anticipate the possibility of lowering fees, particularly for economically challenged associates. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Degree associates have the following tuition payment plan options:

Bi-Annual Payment Plan Option – 2% discount

  • Payment 1 is due no later than 15 days before the start of the orientation program
  • Payment 2 is due 6 months after the start of the orientation
  • Remaining payments are made once every six months thereafter

Quarterly Payment Plan Option (standard)

  • Payment 1 is due no later than 15 days before the start of the orientation program
  • Payment 2 is due three months after the start of the orientation
  • Remaining payments are made once every quarter thereafter

Monthly Payment Plan Option (includes a small monthly admin fee)

  • Payment 1 is due no later than 15 days before the start of the orientation program
  • Payment 2 is due one month after the start of the orientation
  • Remaining payments are made once every month thereafter

Pay-as-You-Go Payment Plan

  • Each program element has been organized into packets. Pay for each packet when you are ready and able to engage in it

Deposit  (does not apply to Pay-as-You-Go Payment Plan)

Upon acceptance to Gaia University International, degree program associates who wish to enroll pay a deposit of $500 to secure their place. For diploma associates, a $250 non-refundable deposit is embedded in the first payment.

Exact payment amounts will vary depending upon your program, program year, and the payment plan you choose. Your acceptance or enrollment letter will clearly spell out your options.

For any required courses that are not offered by Gaia University you will make arrangements directly with the host and venue. Food, lodging, course fees, and travel expenses are your own responsibility.  Partial work trades are sometimes available.

Cancelation and Refund Policy:

Cancelation by Gaia U

  • Gaia University reserves the right to cancel a program if fewer than 15 participants are enrolled
  • Those who have registered for the canceled program will receive a 100% refund of all registration or tuition fees paid or can choose to apply those fees to another program
  • Gaia University is not responsible for fees incurred other than those paid to Gaia University during the registration process

Cancellation by the associate/participant – Program Registration

The following outlines our refund policy for associates enrolled in one of our degree, diploma or certificate programs:


A person enrolled in the program may cancel and receive 50% of their deposit paid if the cancelation was received in writing 30 days (or more) before the start of the first module of the program. After the 30-day time limit has passed, no deposit refunds will be made.

Other Tuition Fees Paid (on top of deposit)

  • Prior to start of first online module: 100% refund
  • One month after online orientation starts: 100% refund of any tuition fees paid above 1st module of online orientation
  • After first month: We will refund based on a prorated system according to your payment plan less a 10% admin fee. Tuition fees are time-based (# of In Program months used), not service-based (i.e. # of Main Advising hours used). No refunds are available on monthly payment plans.

Next Steps

Applications are required to enroll in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Post-Graduate Diploma programs. Follow the link below, fill out your application and pay your application fee. You will have the option to save your progress and return to finish the application at a later date. Once your application has been reviewed you will be invited to an interview. If accepted you will receive an official acceptance letter which will outline your payment options in detail.

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