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Elizabeth Rana Moore


North Carolina

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Main areas of focus for my pathway/projects:

I want to study the regenerative lifestyle options and pathways for the individual as it relates to the segment of American population who are homeless, jobless and/or have mental illness or substance abuse.

I would like to learn economics of small communities and how to obtain grants of land currently farmed with mono cropping and transition to a permaculture design with a sense of people care wrapped up into the design

I am flexible with this preliminary idea and expect for it to shift to a smaller scale personal project before implemented on a larger scale.


I grew up in the American South where agrarianism and individual self determination is valued although the culture is dwindling.

I spent my teens and twenties working in commercial greenhouses and studying theology. I had a “community garden” in Stanfield N.C. where I obtained $400 funding for plant purchase for a heirloom garden and general beautification of an 1860’s “barn park”. I could not muster enough support or volunteer labor to make the garden a “true”success to where it was utilized as educational or relevant to the community. I have since considered other ways to make community food production attainable, and tried in another small town (Midland) to create beautification projects that feature edible landscaping but the interest or the funding was just not present, and I was unable to carry on more than one year with my own capital investment.

I have suffered over the past years of my life with bouts of depression, and periods of extreme creativity, productivity and clarity, with a tendency towards alcoholism. This has given me a diagnosis of bi-polar in the world of modern medicine, which in turn has been traumatic enough. Family, friends and prospective collaborative efforts with others have been effectively turned off through a possible lack of understanding and trust due to this “box” or “label”.

I have been in active recovery for three years now and have recieved certification with the UNC Peer Support Specialist program to assist others in recovery from mental illness and substance abuse and to be a model of recovery and portray that we can lead a healthy normal lifestyle and develop a wellness identity instead of an illness identity.

I feel a strong desire to couple this life experience with my current education in permaculture principles in some fashion that gives freedom and security to those who seem to have few options in our current society.

I have been studying through Geoff Lawton at Permaculture Research Institute over the past year.  I also have spent time over the last decade visiting the Gladheart Farm in Asheville, N.C. off and on to work with them and study their communal lifestyle.  I spent some time with the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation as a community educator to residents who live near Charlottes primary water source to reduce pollution and encourage “cove keepers” to take occasional water samples for monitoring of water quality. I am 39 years old and very hardworking and devoted to thinking about, planning and implementing solutions to food deserts in my state of North Carolina, as well as other places.  I believe that it is crucial to our economy, stability and survival….as well as continued culture.

I will provide links to former projects and other profile material soon