Cycle 1704 Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 2

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This 2-week course begins on May 2nd

Goal:  To explore how we can generate our own livings through creating and developing regenerative enterprises. The means whereby we explore this topic include:

  • Stories and case studies from prior explorers in the regenerative enterprise field – what lessons can we learn from these?
  • Models and frameworks that describe attitudes/beliefs and behaviors typical of people who do well at creating enterprises – how do we stack up compared to these?
  • Notions to do with developing our community of support especially considering the implications of working in the context of a world system that may or may not be helpful in our quest for congruent livelihoods
  • Active use of Lean project/enterprise thinking coupled with an understanding of how to build lasting competence and attention through a project/enterprise progression
  • Extending our concept of investment (and later, generating value) beyond cash alone to include The 8 Forms of Capital
  • Developing our literacy around enterprise language including an early look at understanding ’The Books of Account”
  • Outlining an individual and collective design for a realistic pathway towards making a regenerative living.