Regenerative Livelihoods – Community and Context

Regenerative Livelihoods – Community and Context


The Gaia U Creating Regenerative Livelihoods (Community and Context) Award can be displayed on your Gaia U profile as well as on social media profiles like LinkedIn. It is earned by completing the Creating Regenerative Livelihoods (Part 2) Course at Gaia University. The course takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete and consists of 3 Lessons (including required activities) as shown in the XMind map below.



  • Complete all readings
  • Post responses to all activity questions

Badge characteristics

  • With reference to Cynefin, this badge covers a complex topic area
  • With reference to the Gaia U Learning from Experience model (derived from Kolb) this classroom badge is primarily reflective (1 of 5 stars) and involves acquiring and using new, simple concepts for that purpose that can be arranged in juxtaposition to deal with real-world complexity (1 of 5 stars). There is no significant experimentation involved (0 of 5 stars) and nor is there any extended direct experience required (0 of 5 stars).

3 Required Steps

  • Completed lesson “2.1 Community and Relationships”
  • Completed lesson “2.2 World Context”
  • Completed lesson “2.3 Activities Part 2”

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