Free Online Course: Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 1

Free Online Course: Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 1 2017-05-13T12:39:23+00:00

1901535_10152035214276588_1640098032_nTo celebrate our 10th Anniversary we are offering two options for this course:

Free Option

Paid ‘Certificate Track’ ($55)

Can be started any time and at your own pace.

Readings, forums and Live Interactive Webinars held once monthly.

To enroll, please fill in the form below.

Goal: To explore how each of us can become more effective world changers through the creation of regenerative enterprises – whether you are still dreaming up ideas, have been in business a long time, or are somewhere in between. We will do this through:

  • Stories and case studies from prior explorers in the regenerative enterprise field – what lessons can we learn from these?
  • Models and frameworks that describe attitudes/beliefs and behaviors typical of people who do well at creating enterprises – how do we stack up compared to these?
  • Notions to do with developing our community of support especially considering the implications of working in the context of a world system that may or may not be helpful in our quest for congruent livelihoods.
  • Active use of Lean project/enterprise thinking coupled with an understanding of how to build lasting competence and attention through a project/enterprise progression.
  • Extending our concept of investment (and later, generating value) beyond cash alone to include The 8 Forms of Capital
  • Developing our literacy around enterprise language including an early look at understanding ’The Books of Account”
  • Outlining an individual and collective design for a realistic pathway towards making a regenerative living.

There are two options for taking this course:

1 – Free Version – Includes access to all content, activities and interactive webinars.

2 – Certificate Track ($55) – Upon completing all requirements  you will receive a verified digital badge that can be displayed on social media profiles like LinkedIn. The course will also count as credit toward our 7-course series Certificate in Ecosocial Design and any of our Diploma or Degree programs.

If you are unable to attend a live webinar, you may listen to the recording and post your completed activity to the forum to receive credit on the Certificate Track.

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